Proactive Compliance

Healthcare Facility Compliance & Operations Simplified. Standarized. Intelligent. 

Know the Pulse of your Facility

The ability to have visibility and real-time feedback on your facility is a game-changer for the industry.

Paper-based homegrown legacy systems are a thing of the past and no longer meet the needs of the current healthcare system. The risk and costs associated with an organization’s inability to assess daily facility risk are unacceptable in today’s environment. 

Intelligent Manual

Compliance, maintenance, supply chain, workflow, logistics, finance, HR…

Intelligent Setup

Full suite of tools, tasks with due dates, calendars, forms, checklists, & More

Intelligent Analytics

Real-time actionable insights.  Risks, estimates vs. actual, GPS, timestamps, KPI’s, GPS, etc.

Immediate Impact

Designed as a Genius system to immediately pass audits, reduce daily risk, & operate efficiently


Tailored dashboards, tasks, and alerts by function/role in real time & sorted by risk


Whether one facility or a major healthcare network we support both local and remote

Create the Healthcare Hub of the Future

Designed like a genius system with best practices embedded to immediately help your organization easily pass regulatory audits, reduce daily facility risks and disease spread, and operate efficiently to save time, money & resources.

One system to integrate and scale whether you have one facility or many locations HealthClicks provides full transparency and accountability from the C-suite to boots on the ground in real time.

Save Time, Money, & Lives

HealthClicks assists in your transformation from a reactive to a proactive culture

It is in everyone’s interest that healthcare facilities are always in regulatory compliance, not just when they are reacting to a periodic audit. HealthClicks transforms TJC and other regulatory compliance from a reactive onerous process into a proactive digital playbook, saving both lives and money.

We Create Unified Hubs

HealthClicks brings together the information you need and care about into one unified place

Our easy to read and access dashboards bring everything you care about from the many different areas or your organization to the forefront and let you easily monitor what you care about at that moment while letting you plan for the future.

Multi-Platform Mobile Solution

Cloud, Apple, Android, IOS, Linux…. Whatever you prefer you can use

Our technology is hardware and operating system agnostic. We want your experience with Healthclicks to be familiar to you. Too often people are forced into foreign technology which makes the user experience less than enjoyable. 

Dynamic Customization On The Fly

Design individual and team dashboard widgets. Know what’s most important to you now and in real-time. What the next steps are to get your desired outcome. Whether at the office, at home, or in the basement of the facility.

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Patients admitted to hospitals during TJC survey weeks have significantly lower mortality than during non-survey weeks.

Changes in practice occurring during periods of surveyor observation may meaningfully improve quality of care.
– National Institue of Health

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